Teachers who are well-informed and enthusiastic about geography can greatly inspire their students. Too often, schools do not provide the necessary tools and capacities for teachers of geography. TIIGS is setting out to change all that and help to make your teaching more enjoyable. Here are a set of 10 preliminary workshops.  Let us start making a difference for our students! And ourselves, too!

  • Syllabi: All Indian syllabi
  • Medium: English and Kannada.
  • Classes: 7th and above
  • Venue:
    • GeoVidyaa Geography Centre of Excellence, Army Public School, K. Kamaraj Road, Bangalore  (see map here) OR
    • Your school
  • Dates:
    • To be announced for GeoVidyaa Geography Centre of Excellence
    • By arrangement at your school
  • Costs: Depend on type of arrangement
  • Enrollment: Maximum 30
  • Subjects: teachers of geography; teachers of any other subjects with interest in geography and connections between geography and their subjects.
  • Duration:Variable; Minimum 4 hours.
    • Depending on outcomes desired, 1-day or 2-day workshops are recommended. E.g.: development of inter-disciplinary lesson plans, geography lesson plans, etc.
  • Continued professional development:Longer-term engagement is recommended for follow-up support for schools to implement innovative geography education systematically, with horizontal and vertical integration.
    • All workshops provide ideas that teachers can consider for their own classrooms, adapt these or come up with your own, based on the learning process here.
  • Scope:Workshops cover three levels
    • Curricular (C) – purely for the curriculum-based content
    • Co-curricular (CC) – content that goes slightly beyond the curriculum also
    • Extra-curricular (EC) – exciting topics not in the curriculum, but able to strengthen geography education. This level is very useful for inter-disciplinary life-education. These offer more intellectual exploration opportunities.
  • Materials:All necessary  materials are provided at the workshop.
    • Certificates of participation will be given to those who attend allworkshops. Also, they will be considered for:
      • Future roles as Teachers-of-Teachers (Teachers of Teachers),
      • Future roles as content development leaders
      • Future conference participation
  • Presenter: Dr Chandra Shekhar Balachandran, Geographer, Founder/Director, TIIGS, with over 25 years of combined teaching experience in USA and India from school level to post-graduate level.

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Sample list of workshops:

ID Scope Title Description Duration Prerequisites
T-01 C Address on Earth: Latitudes and Longitudes. Latitudes and longitudes are difficult to teach and difficult to learn for students. This need not be. This workshop shows how they are fun and useful. 4 hours None
T-02 C Maps, atlases, and how to read them. Maps are to geography what graphs are to mathematics. There are many kinds of maps and each has a purpose: convey geographical information. This workshop takes teachers from mental maps to reading atlases and reading topographical maps and looking at strange and amusing maps. 4 hours. You must have completed T-01
T-03 C Weather and climate Earth’s atmospheric conditions vary over time and place. What are the systems that operate to determine the particular kind of climate at a place. How does climate influence culture, economy, agriculture, etc.? Teachers develop inter-disciplinary lesson units and discuss them on the 2nd day. The lesson units are integral to the workshop.
2-day workshop (can be offered in 4 parts). You must have completed T-01 or T-02
T-04 CC Geography of climate change. Global warming is good! So, what’s the problem? This workshop looks at human factors and their impact on climate, what is being done about it, and what we can do as individuals to become ‘greener.’ 4 hours You must have completed T-03
T-05 C Computer-based resources for geography teaching. There are many internet and other computer-based tools that can help you teach geography more effectively. And most are FREE! Build your own resource set for your classroom use. This workshop will help you get started with many useful ideas. 4 hours You must have a basic working knowledge of computers and the internet.
T-06 CC Jinnah and geography. Jinnah’s vision of Pakistan was rather short of geographical thinking. Historical circumstances also played a significant role. Pakistan was created, but was religious identity enough to sustain the new country? How has geography influenced some aspects of South Asia after partition? This workshop is especially useful for teachers of Indian geography and history. 4 hours None
T-07 EC Delicious South America! Not all of the vegetables and fruits that we love (or hate!) are native to India. Many of them came from South America. The connections will surprise you, fascinate you, and may prove to be delicious, too! Yum! (A food and nutrition scientist will provide interesting insights too!) 4 hours You must have completed T-03
T-08 EC Geographies of the divine. In every culture, there are holy places that people visit for spiritual reasons. What is it about places and faith that makes such journeys so fascinating? What are the components of geography that touches our spirits and helps us? Find out! 4 hours None
T-09 C,CC Case study approach to learning Geography Print, Internet, and broadcast media offer many case studies with which Geography can be taught in interesting ways; show students (and adults!) how Geography is at work in the world, how Geography can be used to understand issues. Explore how to select case studies to fit Geography themes and topics and how to frame guiding questions, discussions, and analyses of these. 4 hours At least 3 TIIGS workshops must have been completed.
T-10 CC, EC Walk-about Geography Teaching and encouraging children to ask simple Geography questions about their local environment and researching them (it is often as simple as asking 3 or 4 people who know!); what is research, why do we do it… these skills will apply to anything students wish to explore. 4 hours None